Space Something

(Не убивать лопатой за английскую грамматику)

Rocketship connected to the old spacestation, that was abandoned for 80 or even longer. Journey to a deep space isn’t a safety one, but Jacob like to stay alone. “If I collect enough money, I would quit this job. I guess”. Exploration of such desolated place seemed interesting to him – so much time to think about things, and no one could bother him. His thoughts were deep in the deep space and deep in his dreams – dreams from his childhood. He liked to think, what could happen, if only he could have… “If I had had super-power of the superman,” Jacob thought,  “I wouldn’t have beat by my neighbor when I was 8”. And such things. Suddenly, he realized he is no longer stood in front of entrance-gate of a space-station from dark ages. Armored semi-transparent glass of his helmet disappear. Now, Green grass surrounded him. Childhood pictures become colorful, three-dimensional and, finally, real than ever. He found himself without huge space-suit, but worn little green t-shirt and royal-blue jeans. He found himself being 8. “Just like my dreams come true,” – he thought. “If only I had a power I think about minute ago…”. And without finishing phrase, he felt his feet take off the ground. He felt happiness, joyful – those feelings he already forgot about… when someone caught his feet. It was his evil neighbor. Even more, it was generalized personification of bad things he ever met during his 40 years of life. “Stay away from me!” he shouted, “I’m powerful now, you can’t hurt me!”. He raised his fist against that evil… Flash of light blinded him for a moment. Evil disappear. “I’m free now!”
When rescue-team arrived, they found Jacob’s body in entrance of a space-station. Oxygen system of his suit was broken, his feet tangled in bunch of wires. And a little smile touched his calm face.

// Заметки белого тигра – Vladimir ZH //

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